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17 November 2017

Written by: SEND support team

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We want all children with special educational needs and/or disability (SEND) to have the right to a fulfilling life, with equality of access to opportunities that improve their life chances and empower them to be the best they can be.

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We are in the process of finalising a new Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP), ‘Our Children, Our Future’, which includes those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

An extensive consultation exercise took place during the spring and summer of 2017 with children, young people, (including those with SEND) and their families.

Feedback from this consultation has helped determine the priorities within both our Children and Young People’s Plan and the SEND Strategy. It showed that we still have more to do to fully include children and young people and their families.

Since 2014 we have worked closely with partners from education, health and care services to tackle inequality and provide local services and inclusive education provision for children and young people with SEND.

Our draft SEND strategy priorities say how we intend to:

  • Promote independence
  • Reduce inequality
  • Securing the right local provision
  • Maximising the impact

We really want to know what parents and carers think about our vision and these priorities as set out in our SEND strategy for children and young people.

Please complete our short SEND survey to give us your feedback.  The consultation ends on Wednesday 6 December 2017.