Local primary school children premier filmmaking project “How To Succeed At School”

12 September 2014

Written by: Chocolate Films

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Book your free tickets for tomorrow’s premier screening of films produced by local children over two terms, combining animation, drama and documentary.

Chocolate Films

On Saturday 13 September, Chocolate Films will be celebrating the filmic achievements of over 60 young people from Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary School, Reay Primary School and Durand Academy at The Whirled Cinema in Brixton.

Twelve films will be premiered at the screening combining animation, drama and documentary produced by the children over two terms. The project, “How To Succeed at School” is generously supported by Walcot Foundation and aims to improve maths and literacy through filmmaking.

How to apply for your free ticket

We would love for you to attend the event. Admission is free but please RSVP via laura@chocolatefilms.com if you plan to attend.

About Chocolate Films

As a production company we make factual films about social, cultural and environmental issues. We always endeavour to make films that can actively assist people to change the world for the better, either through direct campaigning or awareness-raising.

To find out more please visit our website www.chocolatefilms.com

2 Thoughts on “Local primary school children premier filmmaking project “How To Succeed At School”

  1. Chris says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea that film making can be used to inspire and educate children. I teach balloon modelling to school children with a similar goal of inspiring them from a creative perspective. I stumbled across this article whilst googling for something else. Just though I’d send my praises. I shall be showing to a few of my teacher pals.

    • Campaigns Team says:

      Thanks for your feedback Chris. I bet the children love modelling things from balloons too!

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