Lambeth invests in maintaining the borough’s roads

1 May, 2017

Written by: Communications Team

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To keep some of our busiest roads in the best possible condition for all road users we are undertaking a program of resurfacing works.

Workman resurfacing a pavement

We are working with Transport for London, the emergency services and neighbouring boroughs to keep disruption to a minimum.

Some works are being carried out at night, where this is the case we carry out all of the noisy work before midnight.

Work is completed in sections and warning signage and barriers will be located in the areas to be resurfaced.

All affected residents receive a letter at least ten days before the works commence with more details.

The roads being resurfaced are:

  • Denmark Hill
    Whole road within Lambeth boundary
    Day time footway resurfacing – Ongoing, end date 5 May 2017
  • Herne Hill
    Junction with Half Moon Lane to Kestrel Avenue
    Night time carriageway resurfacing – Completed
  • Herne Hill
    Junction with Red Post Hill
    Night time carriageway resurfacing – Upcoming 3 – 4 May 2017
  • Herne Hill
    Rollscourt Avenue to Gubyon Ave
    Day time carriageway resurfacing – Completed
  • Knights Hill
    Junction with crown dale to West Norwood Fire Station
    Night time carriageway resurfacing – Completed
  • Denmark Hill
    Whole Road within Lambeth boundary
    Day time carriageway resurfacing – Completed
  • Streatham Common North
    Streatham High Road to End of Memorial Park
    Night time carriageway resurfacing – Completed
  • Knights Hill
    Ernest Ave zebra crossing to Wolfington Road
    Night time carriageway resurfacing – Completed
  • Acre Lane
    Sections of footway from Kings Avenue to Brixton Road
    Day time footway resurfacing – ongoing, end date 31 August 2017

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