Lambeth offers a primary school place to every child

16 April 2018

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Every child who applied for a reception place in a Lambeth primary school for September 2018 has been offered one, new figures have revealed.


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On the day that children across London find out where they’ll be starting school this autumn, it has been revealed that, in Lambeth, 84.2% of applicants (2,315) received their first choice school and 8.9% (245) their second choice. In total, 98% of applicants received a preference school.

This is the seventh consecutive year that over 90% of families have been offered a place at the Lambeth school of their choice.

Families applied for primary places through a pan-London system which linked Lambeth with the other 32 London authorities and 5 surrounding Councils. Parents and carers were asked to list up to six schools of their choice in order of preference.

Lambeth received 2,751 applications for primary school places this year, a slight fall on the 2017 figure. The vast majority of the applications were made online, with the number of paper applications falling from 609 in 2014 to 22 this year.

A council spokesperson said: “Deciding on your child’s first school is a difficult process and we are delighted that we have again managed to offer all these families a place for the coming year.”

“It is particularly pleasing that, once again, 98 per cent of our children will be going to the school of their choice.”