£87,000 available now for community connections and wellbeing projects

9 October 2018

Written by: Dave Goslyn, Project Smith

Better Lambeth - Opportunities - Voluntary and community sector

Apply online by 26 October for up to £5,000 grant for a project to help your local community improve health and wellbeing.

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£87,000 available now for community connections and wellbeing projects

Lambeth Wellbeing Fund is inviting applications from projects led by local residents and voluntary organisations with solutions for improving the health and wellbeing of Lambeth’s communities. You can apply for up to £5,000 for a project. More money from Public Health has just become available to add toi these grants.

Funding sources

£60,000 comes from Project Smith for community-led projects:

  • Supporting older residents in 11 specified wards (Vassal, Coldharbour, Gipsy Hill, Stockwell, Ferndale, Larkhall, Thornton, Streatham Hill, St Leonards, Streatham Wells and Streatham South)
  • Improving mental wellbeing; and/or
  • Working with men, people with dementia or carers.

£18,000 is available for projects anywhere in the borough that focus on improving mental wellbeing for all ages.

Additional funds

As of the end of September, the fund has increased by £9,000 (making a total of £87,000). This additional £9,000 is from Public Health and is available for inter-generational or peer support projects, anywhere in the borough and for residents of all ages.

Residents’ priorities

Projects must address at least one of three priorities identified by residents in the Big Lambeth Health Debate

  • Help people to manage their own health (or condition). This includes access to information and support to stay healthy;
  • Help people to avoid a crisis, or to limit the impact of a crisis (particularly for people living independently);
  • Help people feel part of a community. Loneliness and isolation can contribute to poor physical and mental health – and the reverse, social connections help people overcome health problems.

How to apply

Go to the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund online application form and click ‘Apply’ (top right). Deadline for all applications is 5pm 26 October 2018.


Grants between £1,000 and £5,000 are available for projects of up to 12 months starting no earlier than January 2019 and ending no later than 31 March 2020. Any management costs for nurture organisations must be included in the requested amount.

More information

  • To discuss any element of the fund or your application please contact Project Smith Programme Manager, David Goslyn, on 07540 095 696 or by email.  Alternatively please contact Deborah Brodie from the London Community Foundation on 020 7582 5117 or email
  • Read or download guidelines on the information pages