A new political map for the 2022 Lambeth Borough Council elections

7 February 2022

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth’s local elections will be fought across four additional wards this year, after an independent assessment redrew the borough’s electoral map.

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A new political map for the 2022 Lambeth Borough Council elections

The Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBCE) increased the number of council wards in Lambeth from 21 to 25, following a review carried out during 2020-21. The number of councillors will remain at 63.

The changes will come into force at the borough council elections on Thursday 5 May 2022.

The Commission carries out periodic reviews of local authorities’ electoral arrangements  to ensure that they deliver electoral equality for voters, reflect community interests and identities and promote effective and convenient local government.

It considers the total number of councillors elected to the council and the name, number and boundaries of wards – the areas into which councils are divided for the purposes of the election of councillors.

The Commission received more than 1,200 submissions from Lambeth residents and local organisations, which helped to decide the new wards.  In summary, the changes being made are as follows:

  • Lambeth will have 25 wards, an increase of four.
  • The boundaries of all of the existing wards will change.
  • The majority of the existing ward names will change.
  • Lambeth will retain 63 councillors, the same as there are now.
  • The 63 councillors should represent 13 three-councillor wards and 12 two-councillor wards across the borough.

Full details of the Lambeth review can be seen here, and a map of the wards is available here.

The full list of Lambeth’s wards, and the number of councillors that will represent each, is as follows:

Name of wardNumber of councillors
Brixton Acre Lane3
Brixton North3
Brixton Rush Common3
Brixton Windrush2
Clapham Common & Abbeville2
Clapham East2
Clapham Park3
Clapham Town3
Gipsy Hill2
Herne Hill & Loughborough Junction3
Knight’s Hill3
Myatt’s Fields2
St Martin’s2
Stockwell East2
Stockwell West & Larkhall3
Streatham Common & Vale3
Streatham Hill East2
Streatham Hill West & Thornton2
Streatham St Leonard’s3
Streatham Wells2
Waterloo & South Bank2
West Dulwich2