Lambeth’s Try Before You Bike scheme now offering adapted cycles

22 October 2018

Written by: Sustainable transport

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We are now working with accessibility cycling charity Wheels for Wellbeing to make our Try Before You Bike project even more inclusive.

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Lambeth’s Try Before You Bike scheme now offering adapted cycles

As per the try before you bike scheme, you still pay monthly to borrow the cycle until you pay it off just like our standard bikes, folders, and electric, but this time it is adapted to you.

Groundbreaking scheme

Isabelle Clement, Director of Wheels for Wellbeing (pictured) says:

“This scheme is groundbreaking and we are thrilled to be partnering with Lambeth Council and Peddle My Wheels to support people who need a non-standard cycling solution to get riding. The cost of non-standard cycling solutions can be prohibitive, so having the option to Try Before You Bike and to spread the cost if you decide you want to keep it are exactly what is needed. Because there are a lot of different options out there and it’s not easy to pop into a shop and just try them, we will be offering for people to book to come and try out any of our cycles at one of our inclusive cycling sessions. This will help narrow down the type of cycle they’d like to get.

They will also be able to book a follow-on, one to one session with one of our experienced instructors to discuss more specific adaptations, specific models etc. They might also choose to borrow one from us for a short time, to be entirely sure it suits their home circumstances like where to store it, etc. After that, if they want to go for it, it’s back to Peddle

My Wheels, who will order the cycle and take it from there with them.”

Do you like the sound of this?

We would love for everybody in Lambeth to experience the freedom of cycling in the borough for journeys and hope that this scheme will inspire people who may not have thought that cycling was for them.  If this sounds like it could be of interest to you or someone you know, the first step is to call Wheels for Wellbeing on 020 7346 8482 and book your visit.

To find out more about the scheme please visit the Peddle My Wheels website.