Age UK Lambeth – helping people beat winter

10 December 2018

Written by: Age UK Lambeth

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Pick up a leaflet from Lambeth libraries, GP surgeries or Age UK with free advice and information on saving older people’s lives in winter through helping them stay warm and well.

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Age UK Lambeth – helping people beat winter

Age UK estimates that at least 25,000 older people in the UK die prematurely from cold weather-related illnesses each year, and therefore tries to ensure that all older people are as prepared as possible for the winter months.

Warm and well in Lambeth

Here at Age UK Lambeth, our Warm and Well campaign helps promote staying warm and healthy over the winter period. We have created a special Warm & Well pack that you can pick up from our office, some local surgeries and all Libraries in Lambeth. They include helpful leaflets on things like:

  • Flu jabs! Don’t wait until you have the flu, call your doctors today or visit your local pharmacy
  • Are you worried about heading out to do your food shopping in the cold weather? Then why not try MYshopping? The online service that brings your supermarket shop to your door.
  • Need some more help and advice on staying warm this winter? Then take a look at Age UK’s free 24-page Winter Wrapped Up guide.
  • If you are still worried about winter or if you just need that little bit of extra help with why not call our Safe & Independent Living (SAIL) team

Home heating

Don’t forget we also offer free EON home energy checks. Our HandyFix team can come out and upgrade your home to make it feel warmer. Call 020 7346 6806

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