Better Air Pledge

Is there something new you can do to improve air quality?

Pledge to do something differently today to help make Lambeth a cleaner and healthier borough.

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What can I do to make a difference?

If you live or work or travel through Lambeth, please sign our pledge. Here are some of the things that you can do that will make the biggest difference:

“I pledge to turn my car off when stationary”

It’s a common myth that turning your engine off and back on again uses more fuel. If you’re stopping for more than a minute, switch off to save money and the environment. Learn how you can take more action on idling.

“I pledge to walk more often”

Could you walk for your daily commute? Here are some tips on walking for health and an online map you can use to find cleaner air routes.

“I pledge to shop responsibly”

Supporting local businesses is good for our local economy and reduces travel time, money and pollution. By redirecting your parcels to a collection facility (provided you walk or cycle there!) you’re helping to reduce traffic congestion and the number of delivery vehicles on the roads. Search for your nearest click and collect.

“I pledge to use my car less”

56 per cent of Lambeth’s emissions are from road traffic. Could you cut the number of trips you make by car? Leave the car at home for your commute or shorter trips? Imagine the difference.

“I pledge to cycle more or take up cycling”

New cyclists can sign up to the try before you bike scheme and improve their confidence with free cycling training. You can also make sure your bike is roadworthy with the help of Dr Bike.

Get involved – join the campaign for Better Air

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  • Show your support on social media, using #BetterAir and retweet campaign messages from @Lambeth_council
  • In the coming months we’ll also be campaigning for the infrastructure and regulations we need in place to protect residents from dangerous levels of air pollution – subscribe for updates.