Blooming Lambeth winners: Innovation

28 November 2018

Written by: Text & photographs courtesy of Incredible Edible Lambeth & Elaine Kramer

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This year’s Blooming Lambeth Awards, with £100 prizes in recognition of some of the best garden projects in the borough, chose a school project, a local business and a mix of traditional and modern organic farming as joint winners of the ‘innovation’ category.

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Blooming Lambeth winners: Innovation

This year’s ‘Blooming Lambeth’ Awards recognised three winners in the ‘innovation’ category. Turning a section of Ruskin Park into organic farmland, a school who grow and market food, and a local business making plant-based, gluten-free drinks.

Ruskin Park – heritage farming

This is a partnership between the Friends of Ruskin Park, the Friends of Windmill Gardens and the Brockwell Bake Association. We are growing rare strains of heritage winter wheat, buckwheat and broad beans, celebrating traditional and organic methods, to show where our daily bread really comes from. Our goal is to reintroduce heritage wheat into the local food chain, growing, harvesting, milling and baking it within Lambeth.

Clapham Leaf Club

Clapham Leaf Club is designed to enable pupils of 5 Clapham and Larkhall primary schools to learn all aspects of growing food – from preparing the soil to culturing crops which are sold at Venn Street Market every July, with pupils working alongside professional market traders. The project is now in its 8th year and participating schools include it on the Curriculum.

Wolfe’s Shrubs, Caldwell Street SW9

Handmade drinks using the juice from macerated fresh fruit and herbs mixed with vinegar, they are allowed to mature into naturally complex flavours. When topped with sparkling water they are modern, sophisticated long drinks that are vegan, gluten- and preservative-free – and an entirely south London production.

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