Lambeth: Blue badge fraudster convicted

15 March 2021

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Fahah Ahmed of Abingdon Close, Camden was convicted and sentenced at Westminster Magistrates Court on February 17 this year for Fraud committed against the London Borough of Lambeth and misuse of a disabled person’s blue badge.

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Lambeth: Blue badge fraudster convicted

He was sentenced to a 15-month Community Order with 120 hours unpaid work after he entered a Guilty plea to all charges.

Ahmed, 28, came to the attention of Lambeth Council in March 2020 when a disabled person’s blue badge was seen displayed in his vehicle by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO).

Upon closer inspection the CEO noticed that the blue badge was in fact counterfeit. When challenged Mr Ahmed refused to allow the badge to be inspected and drove away.

The matter was then referred to and investigated by Lambeth Council’s dedicated Parking Fraud Investigation Team.

The investigation culminated in Lambeth Council pursuing a prosecution against Ahmed for two counts of fraud and one count of misusing a blue badge. Upon sentencing Westminster Magistrates also awarded costs to Lambeth Council that Ahmed will have to repay.

Cllr Cla​ire Holland, ​Deputy Leader and cabinet lead for Sustainable Transport, Environment and Clean Air, said: “The Blue Badges scheme works to ensure those that have disabilities that affect their mobility can get around.

“We take a zero tolerance approach to blue badge fraud because it negatively impacts on our disabled residents, and as this case demonstrates, will not hesitate in pursuing and prosecuting cases.”