Boosting local neighbourhoods with healthier streets

14 June 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Work started this week on a new flagship Healthy Route as part of a £1.4million Lambeth Council investment to create a safe, accessible and pleasant route for people who are walking, cycling, wheeling and using the bus.

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Boosting local neighbourhoods with healthier streets

The work is being carried out close to Loughborough Junction in an area where there are three schools whose pupils are exposed to poor local air quality, and where the surrounding streets are in the top 20 per cent for N02 and particulate matter pollution across London.

The Healthy Route is along Loughborough Road, between Ridgway Road and the Fiveways junction. There is lots of through traffic in the area, with highs of more than 800 vehicles per hour in the peak.

Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, Lambeth’s Deputy Leader, said: “We want to bring fairness to our neighbourhoods, reducing high air pollution which impacts most of those with least, help people embrace the opportunity to be healthier by walking or cycling and ensure they can make the trips they need to by better supporting local bus services.

“Lambeth Council is a leading local authority when it comes doing it all it can to make its neighbourhoods fairer and fit for the future, with a big transformation programme underway. Projects such as this support that aim and contribute to our Net Zero by 2030 ambitions.”

Work on the Loughborough Road Healthy Route starts this week and will continue in phases into the autumn. It will feature new cycle lanes, raised bus stops, traffic calming measures, new crossings and new planted areas to reduce the risk of local flooding.

The Loughborough Road Healthy Route is the first phase of a 2km route that will connect several neighbourhoods to shops and amenities, green spaces, transport hubs and youth centres. It will complement existing and proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

It is one of five similar projects in Lambeth. They all feature local improvements to make neighbourhoods better for shorter walking and cycling journeys that connect residents with their key neighbourhood amenities. This helps more children to walk, cycle, wheel and scoot to school and means fewer short trips by car traffic, which also improves accessibility, safety, air quality and creates more liveable places.

This is achieved by adding new and improving existing crossings, widening and building out footways to create more space for walkers and slowing traffic, alongside lighting improvements,  greening, and new traffic controls.

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