Brixton Hill: Water main burst update

21 September 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Following progress in managing the impacts of the water main burst in Brixton Hill on Saturday, and with diversions now in place, traffic is moving around the sites of the incident. As a result, Lambeth Council is ending the suspension of the low traffic neighbourhoods in the area.

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Brixton Hill: Water main burst update

The Brixton Hill and Tulse Hill low traffic neighbourhood vehicle filters were suspended as an emergency measure on Saturday morning at 11am to allow access to every properties where this had been at risk from the water and works.

Trips through the traffic filters in both Brixton Hill and Tulse Hill were allowed from that time, and no fines will be issued for vehicles passing through them.

The traffic filter enforcement will resume from 9am on Saturday, September 23. This is in acknowledgement that full diversions are in place and local residents are able to access all streets in the low traffic neighbourhoods. Illegal journeys through the filters from Saturday morning will see drivers receive a Penalty Charge Notice of £130.

Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, Lambeth Council’s Deputy Leader, said: “The burst water main has caused major disruption for our residents and businesses by blocking the central arterial road through our borough. We have seen huge delays to bus and other journeys south of Brixton.

“The council has been working hard to support Thames Water and Transport for London in their efforts to fix the issue. There were initial Thames Water delays in putting diversions in place, but that is now resolved. We will continue to monitor the situation and urge Thames Water to act quickly going forwards for a swift resolution and to minimise disruption for residents.”

Thames Water contractors are expected to be working into next week to complete their repairs to the road.

The low traffic neighbourhoods work to cut the amount of traffic on local streets and improve air quality in area. For more information on the Brixton Hill LTN visit For more information on the Tulse Hill LTN visit

Lambeth Council continues to engage with Thames Water whose contractors are making repairs to the Brixton Hill carriage way following the burst water main.