Recommendation for Council Chief Executive

12 June 2018

Written by: Communications team

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Lambeth Council has progressed towards appointing a new permanent Chief Executive, with the council’s Appointments Committee set to conduct a final panel assessment on 20 June.

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Following a thorough recruitment campaign using executive recruitment consultants and then a shortlisting process, Andrew Travers, the current interim chief executive, is the candidate recommended for the final panel assessment.

The council’s constitution means that beyond the final panel assessment by the Appointments Committee, there must be consideration of any well-founded objections from Cabinet and then approval secured by full council before any appointment can be made.

If appointed Mr Travers would earn £185,000, and would receive no bonuses or performance-related pay. This salary would be within the 10:1 pay ratio between the highest and lowest earner at the council.

The previous chief executive Sean Harriss, who departed the council in October, 2017 with ill-health, was paid £183,600 on similar terms. Prior to that Chief Executive Derrick Anderson, who left the council in December 2014, received a salary of £193,075.

The salary for the post has been benchmarked at the average level for Chief Executives at other London boroughs, and reflects the amount needed for successful recruitment and retention of high calibre candidates.