Clapham: Lambeth Council opens new waterplay area

28 July 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council has unveiled a state-of-the-art waterplay area at Clapham Common. It replaces the beloved but outdated paddling pool that has been a cherished destination since the 1950s. The exciting new wet playground promises an exhilarating experience for children of all ages.

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Clapham: Lambeth Council opens new waterplay area

The facility is now open to the public, just in time for the summer holidays. It features an array of multi-function water jets, accessible and child-friendly amenities.

Cllr Claire Holland, Leader of Lambeth Council, said:

“This new waterpark is an exciting addition to Clapham Common and exemplifies Lambeth Council’s dedication to investing in sustainable and community-focused initiatives.

“We’re thrilled that this facility will offer accessible and inclusive water play for children of all abilities, providing families and visitors an opportunity to revel in the green spaces of our borough.

“And this isn’t the end, we have committed more than £9million to invest into the council’s green spaces, and this is just one highlight of improvements being built this year, including at Kennington Park, Pedlars Park, Agnes Riley Garden and Ruskin Park.’’

The revamped padding pool is designed to be fully accessible to all children, including those with physical, developmental, and sensory disabilities. Its rest and active play spaces provide a setting for children and their parents or carers to connect and enjoy.

Simon Millson, Chair of the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee resident group and chair of the Steering Group that had oversight of the project, said:

“The working partnership between Lambeth Council and CCMAC is the key to the success of this exciting new waterplay.

“It has ensured all important decisions are informed by the community, for the community. Together we have delivered an important asset for children to enjoy for years to come.”

The waterplay facility forms part of the nearly £1million investment in Clapham Common, delivering on the Clapham Common Masterplan objectives for 2020-2025 and the council’s commitment to creating sustainable, community-focused parks.

With an environmentally considerate and energy-efficient re-circulating water system powering the jet network, the design of the waterplay facility was thoughtfully shaped in response to community needs and priorities.