Lambeth Clean Air Week 2019

8 May 2019

Written by: Sustainability Team

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Lambeth has a package of measures already in place to minimise air pollution. Find out more about our Air Quality Action Plan in June’s Clean Air Week.

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Lambeth Clean Air Week 2019

Local authorities, businesses and charities across the country are gearing up for National Clean Air Day, on 20 June 2019. This year we will continue to celebrate the Day with Lambeth Clean Air Week 2019 (LCAW19), a week full of inspirational events to raise awareness of pollution issues and empower people to improve air quality in our Borough.

Air Quality Action Plan

Did you know? Lambeth has a package of measures already in place to minimise air pollution. Find out more about our Air Quality Action Plan.

What events will be taking place?

  • Monday 17 June: On behalf of Lambeth, @Sustrans will complete the “Monday Marathon”, travelling to schools in Lambeth to carry out a series of activities, including clean air walks and anti-idling events, to teach young people about reducing air pollution. In line with the spirit of Clean Air Week, they will travel sustainability between schools! Follow their journey on Twitter at: #LCAW19.
  • Tuesday 18 June: Lambeth Council’s Twitter channel – @lambeth_council – will host a live Q&A session from 10am to 4pm, to answer any questions residents have about air quality. Information, tips and clean air pledges will be shared to raise awareness about air pollution and inspire people to improve air quality. You can post your questions to @lambeth_council using #LCAW19
  • Wednesday 19 June: Air pollution is not only hazardous to human health, it also affects businesses. On Wednesday, we will open the courtyard behind the Town Hall between 12pm and 4pm to ZipCar, Veolia, Roots and Shoots, Brixton BID and other organisations. Everyone is welcome! Come along and find out what they are doing to tackle clean air. There will be tea+cake, music and special giveaways!At 6pm, The Air Quality Action Plan steering group will meet at the Town Hall to discuss progress on delivering the actions set out in our Air Quality Action Plan.
  • Thursday 20 June: Today is the day! On Clean Air Day, council staff, Councillors and residents are encouraged to leave their car at home and use sustainable transport.
    • At lunchtime (12.30-1.30) the community and Lambeth council staff will come together for a “Clean Air Week Walk”, heading to Brockwell Park from Windrush Square at 12.30pm. To take part just turn up. Don’t forget to post your photo on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #LCAW19. The best tweet and post will win a fabulous prize!
    • At 3pm an anti-idling event will take place in Vauxhall to encourage drivers to switch off the engine when stationary. If you would like to volunteer to take part then please email us at You can also take part by tweeting us at @Lambeth_Council using the hashtag #LCAW19.
    • In the evening, Room THG-14 at the Town Hall will host our annual resident engagement event at 6pm, where council officers and councillors will answer questions around air pollution in Lambeth and what the Council is doing to tackle the issue.
  • To compete Clean Air Week, Dead Earnest Theatre Company is coming to Lambeth to encourage dialogue about air quality, and how everyone can play a part in improving air quality. These free performances will take place on Friday 21 June at 18.00-20.00 at the Town Hall in Brixton in the Committee Room,  and on Saturday 22 June at 14.00-16.00 at the West Norwood Library

Clean Air doesn’t stop there

Clean Air Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness about London’s air quality, but our commitment to clean air should not stop here. Here is a list of simple things you can do to improve air quality, all year round.

Get involved!

Do you want to be involved in our initiatives, or have already arranged your own activity and would like us to promote it? If so, we would love to hear from you! Drop us an email at don’t forget to follow and use the official hashtag of the event #LCAW19 .