Country Show gets three stars for sustainability!

26 April 2016

Written by: Communications team

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Last year’s Lambeth Country Show has been awarded the maximum three stars Creative Industry Green certification. We worked hard to ensure 2015 was our greenest year ever. Here’s what we did…

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Country Show gets three stars for sustainability!

In addition to hosting the usual fantastic array of country show activities and community projects, in 2015 we:

  • introduced the new Ecozone to provide a fun, educational space and showcase local green initiatives
  • brought in Loowatt, who installed some environmentally friendly, chemical-free toilets (this saved us 176 litres of water, generating 109 kWh of energy!)
  • increased our cycle parking facilities, with free security stamping and Dr Bike sessions
  • teamed up with the the Lambeth Food Partnership to introduce a new food trader award to recognise the most healthy, attractive and sustainable food at the event
  • enforced a green bond deposit scheme to get traders to comply with vehicle and waste restrictions – this saw a marked difference in waste left behind on previous years, saved money and allowed us to clean up the park quicker

We’d like to thank everyone who did their bit to reduce their impact, especially to those who were able to cycle, walk or take public transport to the show. At 35 per cent, our recycling rates have improved slightly but we still need to try harder – aside from the environmental impact, dealing with a tonne of recycling is more than £100 cheaper for us than dealing with a tonne of normal waste!

Thanks also to last year’s traders who committed to using fair trade, compostable plates and cutlery, and provided a great range of healthy food.

About Industry Green Certification

Creative Industry Green certification is developed by Julie’s Bicycle for music, theatre and the wider creative industries. By achieving Creative Industry Green certification we’re joining the UK creative industries’ response to climate change and environmental sustainability. For more information please download the Creative Industry Green report. The assessment of our carbon emissions covered data from 2014 to 2015 and includes emissions from energy, water, waste, audience travel, business travel and fleet travel.

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