Cycling – Events and support

Cycling – Events and support

Try before you bike

Try before you bike enables you to borrow a brand new, lightweight bike (plus accessories) for £20 a month for regular bikes or £50 a month for electric bikes. They can also provide adapted and children’s bikes. You don’t need to worry about collecting it, as the bike will be delivered to you and there’s also advice available for those cycling for the first time.

Silver Cycling

Silver Cycling is a project working with older people in Lambeth to enable the young-at-heart to ride with a volunteer in their local parks on rickshaws and side-by-side bikes.

People remember the joy of cycling but don’t have the opportunity to ride any more so Silver Cycling enables older people to ride on a side-by-side bike with a trained volunteer to recapture that feeling and get cycling again.

It is a chance to explore the local area, parks and green spaces in a relaxed, fun way. The side-by-side bike and rickshaws will be stored at the Civic Centre and there is training available if you need it.

If you are interested in joining the Silver Cycling team and being trained to take people out for a ride please contact

Dr Bike

Our professional bike mechanics set up stations around Lambeth offering free cycle maintenance checks and advice. Dr Bike will look at your brakes, tyres, gears and the general road-worthiness of your bike.

Bring your bike for a free check-up. The mechanics will fix what they can in the allotted time. These run weekly throughout the summer, locations for this year are Waterloo, West Norwood, Brixton, Stockwell and Kennington.

Find a Dr Bike session near you.

Bike markets

Our bike markets enable you to sell an old bike and/or buy a second-hand one.

They are often held in schools before they have a course of cycle training. This helps enable parents to buy quality second-hand bikes in the right sizes for their children so that they can complete the training. Watch our video of how Lambeth Bike Markets work in schools.

There are also public markets, to find your nearest one check out the Lambeth Council website events.

If there is a Lambeth Bike Market near you – bring a bike you no longer use, it will be given a price and then a mechanic will look it over and ensure it is roadworthy before selling it on your behalf and giving you cash or a bank transfer. If you need a bike come and have a look at the range of quality, roadworthy second-hand bikes for sale at a great price.

Community projects

Lambeth works closely with community projects providers such as Community Bike who encourage cycling in the local community by providing a Bike Share program and Cycle Confident our cycle training provider. We are always open to ideas of how to encourage more cycling from community groups

Please email if you would like to make a proposal.

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