Love Your Neighbour

Being a good neighbour means different things to different people. For some, being a good neighbour is as simple as a wave and saying ‘hi’ when you see each other, making sure your rubbish/recycling is put out on the right day, or helping out an elderly neighbour – it’s the little things that count towards making a big impression on how neighbourly your street, estate or building is.

Love Your Neighbour

Why is being a good neighbour important?

It is known that wellbeing is higher amongst those who have regular contact with their neighbours and that knowing people in the local area, can have a big impact on how safe and secure they feel and their sense of belonging to where they live. People are less isolated and have an additional support system, alongside their family and friends. Ultimately, this brings our communities together and makes for a more resilient borough. Love Your Neighbour encourages people to think about their behaviour towards people on their street, estate, or building and try and make gestures of kindness and responsibility towards between the people that you live closest to you.

How can you be a good neighbour?

Share your acts of neighbourliness

We want to know about acts of neighbourliness that have made a difference to you or your neighbours. We are a friendly borough and we know there are great things happening across our borough daily – why not tell your fellow residents about them! Post your stories and photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages, making sure you use #DoTheRightThing

Find out more

All over Lambeth people go out of their way to help others, give advice, get involved in their community and make this borough an even better place to live.

We have a range of schemes available to help people who want to Do The Right Thing, please see our dedicated webpages at