Eat.Pace.Plan. For a great night out, think three wise things

1 December 2018

Written by: Public Health Lambeth

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To eat, drink and be merry this Christmas without needing an ambulance to A&E, we want Lambeth residents and visitors to our borough to remember three wise things: Eat, Pace, Plan.

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Eat.Pace.Plan. For a great night out, think three wise things

For a great night out, think three wise things

Lambeth is one of the best places in the world for a night out. This Christmas, Lambeth Public Health supports the London-wide EatPacePlan initiative helping Londoners to have fun, but get home safe and well.

Word from the Cabinet

 Cllr Ed Davie, Lambeth Council Cabinet member for Health, said: ‘Last December, London’s ambulances responded to over 5,000 alcohol-related incidents. We support the “three wise things” campaign because we want everyone living in Lambeth (or visiting because it’s a great place to enjoy good times) to stay safe and well without missing out on the fun with friends and co-workers.’


Eat first, then drink – it slows down your absorption of alcohol, helping you stay in control. Or party somewhere that serves food.


  • A soft drink, non- or low-alcoholic drink, or water between alcoholic drinks slows the rate of your drinking.
  • Don’t drink alcohol anyway? Pregnant? Bars and pubs these days have great alcohol-free alternatives. Many non-alcoholic beers or cocktails are lower in sugar than orange juice, too.
  • Stick to safer drinking levels – 14 units in a week over three or more days. Ask the bar staff. Do they pour doubles or singles? How much wine is in each glass? A 125ml glass of wine is around 1.5 units of alcohol.
  • Beware of ‘rounds’. ‘Keeping up’ is dangerous and often very expensive.
  • Stay hydrated! Start and end your night with fizzy or still water.
  • Download the NHS One You – Drink Less app to keep track of what you’re drinking and spending.


  • Before going out, think about getting home. Check last train times.
  • London Buses are 24 hour. Search for the next bus with your stop or bus route number.
  • Don’t leave your drinks (or your bag and phone) unattended.
  • Get a taxi or book a minicab. You can hail a black cab or book via app or phone and pay by card. Minicabs are booked via app, phone, or at their office. You’ll get a booking confirmation. Only ever book with a licensed minicab company, for safety’s sake.
  • Don’t walk home alone, and look after friends or colleagues who’ve had too much.
  • The morning after, you may still be over the drink drive limit. Don’t risk it.

Rethink your drinking

  • The Rethink your drinking scratch card was developed by experts and has been extensively evaluated.
  • Get more information about alcohol and health from the NHS
  • Get advice and support by phone from Drinkline 0300 123 1110.
  • Eat, Pace, Plan! and Have a Merry Christmas