Lambeth set out bold Electric Vehicle Strategy to 2030

21 September 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is setting out its vision and strategy for electric vehicles (EVs) in the borough and the installation of a charging network to support them.

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Lambeth set out bold Electric Vehicle Strategy to 2030

The Lambeth EV Strategy will help decarbonise car trips that cannot be switched to sustainable transport, walking, or cycling, and will have a positive effect on air quality in the borough by supporting the move away from fossil fuel vehicles.

However, the council recognises EVs also cause environmental damage and do not address the urgent need to reduce all motor vehicle journeys by around a third by 2030, to hit Net Zero climate targets.

Cllr Rezina Chowdhury said: “I am pleased to show our commitment to expanding our EV charging infrastructure to meet future demand, as well as reaffirming our commitment to reaching Net Zero by 2030.

“We must be absolutely clear that electric vehicles are not the solution to the climate crisis, as they have a considerable carbon footprint and should only be used by those who need them.

“At the same time, we need to install sufficient charging infrastructure to meet the needs of those who can only travel by car such as disabled residents, car clubs and businesses.

“Car ownership is already low in Lambeth, and we do not want to encourage everyone to rush out and buy an electric vehicle. But we do need to ensure that those who need to run electric vehicles have the infrastructure they need in the years ahead.”

The new approach will see a mix of rapid and overnight charging points introduced across the borough, on residential streets, estates, high streets, and main roads dependant on demand.

With the help of the award-winning Kerbside Strategy, the council will reclaim swathes of the roadside currently taken up by cars, to be used for more sustainable uses such as planting trees, rainwater gardens and parklets as well as carefully placed new EV charge points.

Lambeth Council is working to reduce overall car use and journeys, improve road safety and air quality targets to meet its pledge to be Net Zero by 2030.

Cllr Chowdhury added: “We are doing a tremendous amount of work to transform our streets to make them more pleasant, more sustainable, and redress the balance so everyone benefits and not just drivers.

“Our EV Strategy puts social and climate justice at its heart, we will be careful and considered in where the chargers are placed and will support residents and businesses to make the big shift from cars and vans to more active forms of travel where possible.”