Feel 100% fun food facts

Feel 100% fun food facts

Who knew that food could have so many different benefits to the body and mind?

Did you know …

Feel 100% - Food Facts 1. Did you know if you need to snack you can make it part of a balanced diet? Just remember, choose tasty fruits and vegetables like apples, satsumas, carrots, mangoes or bananas. Feel 100% - Food Facts 2. Did you know half of your weight is water so it’s important to keep it constantly topped up? Try a slice of lemon or lime to liven up tap water.Feel 100% - Food Facts 3. Did you know if you’re into sports, protein from leaner cuts of beef and chicken can help build muscles? Why not give it a go? If you are not eating meat other good sources of protein are pulses and nuts.Feel 100% - Food Facts 4. Did you know fruit and veg are packed with vitamins and minerals to help us stay healthy all year round – eat plenty!Feel 100% - Food Facts 5. Did you know people who eat breakfast are generally a healthier weight because they tend to eat less during the day?Feel 100% - Food Facts 6. Did you know fruit juice can have just as much calories and sugar as fizzy drinks? Stick to one small glass of juice as part of your 5-a-day and try swaping fizzy drinks for water with a slice of lemon or lime!Feel 100% - Food Facts 7. Did you know yams are good sources of Vitamin C and fibre? Why not give them a try instead of potatoes?Feel 100% - Food Facts 8. Did you know wholegrain rice releases energy slowly throughout the day keeping you on top form? Try some to keep you feeling 100% all day long!

Remember eating a balanced diet is just one part of maintaining good health and feeling 100%

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