Ferndale LTN improvements announced

18 March 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council will make a series of improvements to the Ferndale Low Traffic Neighbourhood after taking feedback from residents.

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Ferndale LTN improvements announced

The Ferndale LTN was made permanent in August 2022 after an extensive period of monitoring and engagement where residents and businesses were asked to give their feedback when the scheme become operational.

The council is now acting on that feedback to improve the current layout and further street enhancements such as more cycling storage, green space, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.

Visit the Ferndale LTN Commonplace for more detail on the improvements

In Pulross Road the council plans to install permanent planting areas to make the street greener and more pleasant, while also introducing more cycling parking.

The council also intends to install permanent planters in Combermere/Dalyell Road as well as short-stay cycle parking and new EV charging points within the LTN.

In Cottage Grove the council found a high number of residents who do not own a car, while suffering high levels of vehicle traffic from guests to the area.

Future interventions could be made under the council’s Road Danger Reduction Strategy to use urban design principles to make the streets safer for all users.

Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, cabinet member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, said: “Lambeth Council has a vision for safer, more pleasant, and environmentally sustainable streets that everyone can enjoy without them being dominated by motor vehicle traffic.

“Since we introduced the Ferndale LTN two years ago, we have not stopped listening to suggestions and feedback from those who use these streets every day so we can make sure the scheme works for everyone.

“Motor vehicle traffic is one of the biggest contributors to toxic air pollution and is a major factor in how confident people are to walk, cycle, or wheel, around their local area.

“We are working with residents to make this even easier in the future so we do not have to rely on motor vehicles as much as we do now.”