Forest enterprise network at Lambeth Country Show

15 July 2014

Written by: Campaigns and Communications team

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This weekend we celebrate Lambeth Country Shows 40th birthday, as well as the 1st anniversary of the rapidly growing Lambeth Forest Enterprise Network.

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Forest enterprise network at Lambeth Country Show

This is a dynamic group of start-up businesses who have come together through being on the *Tree Shepherd enterprise support programme. They are all Lambeth residents and many of them are seeing the road to becoming an entrepreneur as a route out of benefit dependency.

There is no other business club like it and these achievers are finding a unique strength in being part of a network where they can triumph through adversity and their entrepreneurialism as allowed to flourish.

In just one year, numbers in the network have reached over 150 and at the show 40 of these traders will be sharing space for the first time in one large marquee – P4, picnic zone.

The business types in the Forest Network are diverse – from cleaning to computer support, catering to community care. At the show you will find Miss Cakes Truffle & Fudge, Mala Gulhane’s Russian Street Food, Mojana Mystics Tarot Readings, 4Carers Support Network, Art Yes Art Online Gallery, K’Diva Makeup & Facepaints – to name just a few.

The diversity of traders reflects the dynamic cultural and ethnic mix of the Lambeth community and with an age range from 20 to 70 plus, they prove that grass roots entrepreneurialism is truly thriving in the borough.

Make sure you don’t miss the Forest Enterprise Network tent at P4 Picnic Zone!

For more information, contact Lydia Gardner, Manager of Communications and Partnerships – 020 3697 1540 /