Girls Friendly Society in Brixton

24 February 2017

Written by: Girls Friendly Society

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Girls Friendly Society’s new Brixton-based branch launching on Wednesday 1 March, offers opportunities for young women aged 14-16 to meet new friends, take part in new activities and get advice.

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Girls Friendly Society in Brixton

Led by volunteer Gloria Williamson, Girls Friendly Society is hosting a launch event for the new Brixton Branch on Wednesday 1 March.

 Weekly meetings

Regular sessions, which will take place every Wednesday from 8 March, are carried out in a single-sex and non-judgemental environment. Activities are designed to help young women develop in their confidence, resilience and well-being, whilst the space itself offers room to chill out, socialise, have fun and get advice about issues such as exam stress.

Gloria, being a Pastoral Support professional for young people, is also offering individual mentoring to provide support during one of the most difficult periods in a young woman’s life – the transition from adolescence into young womanhood, as well as other issues such as exam stress.

Gloria said:

“I decided to be a part of Girls Friendly Society and a group leader because I believe in empowering young girls today. I want to provide them with a safe and fun-filled environment to make social connections and develop their own identity.”

Find out more at the launch event on Wednesday 1 March – open to all

A week before sessions officially start, everyone is welcome to attend the Girls Friendly Society Brixton launch event on Wednesday 1 March, 6-8pm at Clapham Youth Centre. Here you’ll be able to meet our volunteers and staff, sample some of the activities, find out more information and decide if you (or a girl you know) would like to come along for future sessions. Entertainment and light refreshments are also provided.

Girls Friendly Society Brixton Launch Event:

When:   Wednesday 1 March, 6pm till 8pm
Where:   Clapham Youth Centre, 61 Lyham Road, Brixton, London, SW2 5DH
Free event – open to all

Girls Friendly Society Brixton Weekly Sessions (from Wednesday 8 March)

When:   Every Wednesday, 5.30pm till 7pm
Where:   Clapham Youth Centre, 61 Lyham Road, Brixton, London, SW2 5DH.

Open to young women aged 14-16 only. Weekly subs are £1 (those who are unable to contribute will still be able to attend).

For more information visit the Girls Friendly Society Facebook Page.

About Girls Friendly Society

Established in 1875, Girls Friendly Society is one of the oldest registered charities working to support girls and young women in England and Wales. Registered Charity No 1054310 | Registered Companies House No 3172713