Give street trees a drink to help them help your environment

26 June 2020

Written by: Lambeth Council


Help Lambeth’s trees survive the heatwave – give a young tree on your street or daily walk some water.

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Give street trees a drink to help them help your environment

Humans need to drink lots of water every day for the health of our bodies. In hot weather, we need to hydrate even more. The same is true for the trees that keep our streets shady and keep down the heat, absorb air pollution and carbon dioxide, and give us oxygen in return.

Street trees

Lambeth Council has planted hundreds of new trees on streets over recent years. They don’t have rich fertile soil to grow into, and even when rain soaks our streets, it doesn’t soak into the ground for them to drink up slowly – it runs quickly into the drains.

(Giving) back to nature

please water trees poster

Advice on when, how much, and what kind of water to use for young trees on Lambeth streets

It’s easy to give something back to the trees that protect our environment– just twice a week, take out a couple of big jugs of water or a bucket and slowly give your neighbourhood tree a drink. Trees are (as you might expect) environmentally friendly and like recycled water – from a bath, washing up, or rain barrel.

  • Some young trees have a watering pipe, pour half the water down that and the other half onto the tree
  • Some have a watering bag – just fill it up.

Share the water

If you share a tree with next door, invite your neighbours to take it in turns, and both water your trees once a week.  If you walk past a tree every day, put a message on your street’s Whatsapp? or Facebook group about a rota to get all the trees in the street watered when our weather isn’t going to it for them.

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