KINDE entertainment and marketing agency: Living Wage Accredited Employer

1 March 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Michael Makinde started as a one-man band and now leads a Living Wage Accredited business in Brixton.

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KINDE entertainment and marketing agency: Living Wage Accredited Employer

Brixton-based entertainment and marketing agency KINDE produce events and  experiences, brand partnerships, content development, digital and creative services for clients from film studios to sports brands, with customers like Disney, Paramount, Amazon Prime, Nike and Red Bull.

Founder Michael Makinde tells their story from one-man band to today:

“The business started off as just myself but now has four core team members plus freelancers we work with frequently. KINDE has grown to work with some of the world’s biggest organisations around the world.

From hotdesk to company

 “Officially we’ve been operating five years, based in Brixton House since summer 2022. Before, I was hot desking at various locations, often in Tripod, Lambeth Town Hall.

“I had an ambition to start an agency from a young age, so when a gig came to an abrupt end I decided to kick off my entrepreneurial journey. My cousin designed a logo, I set up a quick website, an Instagram account, then I was good to go. Some core reasons were to champion underrepresented cultures and new voices, challenge the traditional agency format and bring uncommon perspectives into the industry.

Company values

 “Becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer means our staff live a more affordable life and will essentially lead to a more productive and motivated work environment. It allows us to improve our company values of being fair and responsible, leading to more clients trusting us and we can attract the best talent out there. We got positive feedback when we mentioned we’re a Living Wage employer in a pitch to one of the biggest organisations in the UK the other day.

“I received a grant from Lambeth to cover the fees associated with becoming accredited, which I may have otherwise not been encouraged to do.

A team behind you

“I definitely recommend becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer to any business that wants a team that’s behind you and motivated to push your business forward. It increases your chances of finding the team to make millions. And every organisation wants fair, responsible partners.

“There’s lots of good up and coming talent in Lambeth, especially in the creative sector, so it’s only right that the borough becomes a Living Wage Place with more opportunities for fair reimbursement.”

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