Lambeth College redevelopment to include hundreds of affordable homes

11 March 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

Housing and planning

Lambeth Council has approved the redevelopment of Lambeth College’s campuses in Brixton, Clapham, and Vauxhall to improve the borough’s educational facilities and provide more affordable housing.

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Lambeth College redevelopment to include hundreds of affordable homes

Councillors have approved an ambitious redevelopment of Lambeth College’s campuses in Brixton, Clapham, and Vauxhall. The decision marks a significant move towards enhancing educational facilities in Lambeth and addressing the lack of affordable housing in the borough, furthering the council’s goal to combat inequalities and ensure every resident has the opportunity to thrive in a secure and prosperous community.

The redevelopment plans for the Nine Elms Campus at Vauxhall and the Clapham Common Campus were evaluated during a recent meeting of Lambeth’s Planning Applications Committee. With a focus on providing modern, employer-focused technical education at Vauxhall and community-focused education for adults and young people aged 14 and up at Clapham, providing a gateway to employment and further training

More affordable homes

In an innovative approach to fund these improvements, the project also includes the provision of new housing. At Vauxhall, permission has been granted for 262 new Build to Rent homes, 36% of which are earmarked as affordable housing. This includes 55 homes for low-cost rent and 24 for intermediate housing, such as shared ownership and London living rent. The Clapham campus will see the construction of 529 new homes, 35% of which will be affordable. This will comprise 107 London Affordable Rent homes and 45 Shared Ownership homes, replacing outdated educational buildings with a new, more functional facility.

Councillor Danny Adilypour, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Growth and New Homes said:

“The redevelopment of the Lambeth College campuses will deliver educational facilities that are integral to the council’s mission to proactively tackle inequalities so that children and young people can have the best start in life.

“I’m delighted that the Planning Applications Committee is supporting this exciting project which embodies our vision for all residents to have access to and benefit from safe, secure, and high-quality local affordable homes as we strive to make Lambeth a place we can all call home.”

The new facilities aim to provide state-of-the-art educational environments and accessible housing, with a considerable portion designated as affordable. Integral to the scheme are financial contributions towards local employment, skills development, public safety, active travel, and carbon offset measures, underscoring a commitment to community well-being and environmental responsibility.

Community benefits

The benefits of the redevelopment extend beyond housing and education. The projects at both campuses are accompanied by legal agreements securing contributions towards employment, skills development, and various community improvements. These include safety enhancements, upgrades to cycling infrastructure, and contributions towards public transport improvements, all of which aim to bolster the overall quality of life for Lambeth residents.

As Lambeth College’s campuses undergo this transformation, the promise of affordable homes coupled with modern educational facilities heralds a brighter future for the borough’s residents. This

balanced approach to development showcases Lambeth’s commitment to fostering an inclusive, vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to learn, live, and thrive.