Lambeth Council has launched a new youth focused digital campaign against sexual harassment and abuse

25 November 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council has launched ‘It’s Not That Deep’, a campaign focused on tackling the sexual harassment that disproportionately affects women and girls.

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Lambeth Council has launched a new youth focused digital campaign against sexual harassment and abuse

The social media campaign was developed by local young people, in partnership with Young Creators UK (YCUK), a Lambeth based creative agency co-run by young people, and the council.

The campaign narrative was developed during a series of workshops for both young women and men, where participants discussed the need for more educational resources to better understand sexual harassment, how to recognise harassment, and how to tackle problem behaviours.

During the workshops led by YCUK the young people understood that the key messaging needed to be clear, concise, and relatable to resonate with the target audience. The themes included in the campaign are focused around how to be an ally, understanding cues and boundaries, effective support for the victim or survivor, and appropriate intervention.

The campaign explores the phrase ‘It’s Not That Deep’ which is a statement often used to belittle an experience and cause victims and survivors to shy away from accessing support.

Using a digital film with multiple points of view, the viewer is able to explore an interaction between two people and their friends at a party where a young man harasses a young woman. The interaction leads to an argument between all four individuals where we see an internal monologue from all characters exploring their thought process behind their behaviour, with a relevant call to action.

Cllr Dr. Mahamed Hashi, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities said: “Listening to our young people and including them in decisions that affect them is one of our priorities at Lambeth, and we are proud of the commitment shown by young people to deliver a campaign on such a difficult subject.

“By empowering these young people and giving them the tools and space to address such an issue, they have shown the power young voices hold in driving meaningful change.

“We are committed to continuing our work to tackle problem behaviours to create a safer space for women and girls, and will use this campaign as a stepping stone for a wider range of work needed to create impactful change within the community.”

By taking ownership of every aspect of the process, the young people have demonstrated the passion and commitment in Lambeth to create a safer, inclusive environment for all.

This innovative campaign is the result of a dynamic partnership between Lambeth Council, YCUK, and young people.

To find out more visit or follow on social media using the campaign hashtag #ItsNotThatDeep.

You can watch the full short film below. This video contains adult language: