Lambeth Council Statement: The Angiolini Inquiry

29 February 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Today we are absorbing the outcome of independent Angiolini Inquiry into how an off duty male Met police officer was able to commit the truly horrific kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard which so shocked and appalled our communities.

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Lambeth Council Statement: The Angiolini Inquiry

The inquiry’s finding that the man should not have been employed as a police officer, and that red flags were missed is incredibly worrying. That he used the power of the post, which he should not of had, to aid his attack in March 2021 adds to the pain of Sarah’s family and deepens concerns in our communities.

Sarah was a much loved and respected Lambeth resident with her whole life ahead of her. The attack by this former Met Police officer on her sent shock waves through our community, increasing fear and undermining confidence in policing. It has left a profound scar on the borough and also exposed how despite the fundamental right that all women and girls should be able to feel safe on our streets at all times, it is a profound failing of our society that they do not.

We will forever remember and honour Sarah Everard, and the other women in Lambeth, whose lives have so tragically been taken due to violence from men.

These latest concerning findings follow Baroness Casey’s independent report into the culture of the Met Police which was released a year ago and set out shameful, detailing appalling breaches of trust and the failure of the Met to properly protect Londoners.

We are now calling on the Met Police and the Government to finally get to grips with a culture that allowed this officer to operate and one that has previously been found to institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic – and in need of radical reform

We will also be working hard alongside our local communities to hold the Met Police to account, to re-double our efforts to tackle violence against women and girls and seek the social change we need to guarantee the safety and equality our borough needs.

Cllr Claire Holland

Lambeth Council Leader

To read its findings visit

Preventing violence against women and girls in Lambeth

Lambeth Council is committed to tackling violence against women and girls and has prioritised proving support services to our residents to tackle this form of violence and abuse, which robs individuals of their safety in public and private spaces, their choice and wellbeing, and can cause significant trauma.

Violence against women and girls can affect anyone and can occur at any point in life, but it is not inevitable. Violence and abuse can be extremely isolating and as a community we need to break through this to support those who need it, and to reject this behaviour collectively.

Lambeth Council provides a range of confidential and free to use services for those who have experienced violence against women and girls, and these are listed below. The Gaia Centre supports Lambeth based victims and survivors of gender-based violence, including sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Support is available by telephone, email and text – whatever’s safest. You can contact the Gaia Centre on 0207 7733 8724 between 8am and 6pm or email Outside of office hours and on the Bank Holidays, you can contact them on 07725 245 779. In an emergency call 999.

We have more than 30 Safe Havens across Lambeth and Southwark for women and girls who feel unsafe, are facing harassment, or need assistance while travelling. The full list can be found here: love.lambeth

Our awareness campaign around sexual harassment for young people in the borough ‘It’s Not That Deep’ is also running. Its name reflects the commonly used phrase, and includes a short film examining the issue. To watch the film visit

For information on the council’s work and for details of how to get in contact visit: Violence against women and girls (VAWG) | Lambeth Council