Lambeth Digi-buddies pairs volunteers with people seeking help with IT skills

29 April 2016

Written by: Advising London

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Anyone who needs to send and receive emails, surf the net, or order their weekly shop can attend a session where local volunteers are happy to show you how to get confident online.

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Lambeth Digi-buddies pairs volunteers with people seeking help with IT skills

Digi-buddies project is supporting digital inclusion throughout Lambeth. Digi-buddies can help people get to grips with online technology and give the support, confidence and skills needed to:

  • Set up an email address
  • Search for jobs
  • Search for the best deals online
  • Complete online benefit forms
  • Pay fines/bills online
  • Access other online services

Digi-buddies sessions are spread across six days each week and have engaged over sixty volunteers who have assisted up to one thousand people with various different IT issues across six locations. The Digi-buddies scheme addressed what most people would feel is their main reasons for not seeking support in IT:

Access – the tools or facilities to get online and connect to the internet
Skills – to be able to use the internet.
Motivation – knowing the reasons and understanding what can be done online and why it can be beneficial.
Fear – most people fear losing important information, having their devices infected with viruses, getting caught up with crime and are worried about what information they are allowed to share online and what trusted sites are.

Come and see us

You can find all our Digi-buddies sessions in our Events calendar, alternatively click on the links below for more information:

  • Brixton Customer Centre (online access to Lambeth website only)
  • Streatham Library
  • Brixton Library
  • Clapham Library
  • St Luke’s Hub
  • Helmi House (residents only)

More information

For further information about the Digi-buddies service and Advising London please visit: or contact us at or 020 3752 5520

Become a Digi-buddies Volunteer

Here at Advising London we provide a wide range of volunteering opportunities for people to get engaged in supporting our work. Volunteering is a great way to make a real difference to the communities we serve. It can also be a fantastic personal experience.

To join our volunteer team please visit: or call 02037525520