Lambeth: New £5million cost of living crisis support announced

10 July 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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A new cost of living crisis support programme worth £5.3million has been developed by Lambeth Council to help the most hard-pressed households in the borough. 

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Lambeth: New £5million cost of living crisis support announced

It includes immediate support for those most impacted by price hikes, and has a focus on tackling the longer-term causes of poverty in the borough.  

Councillor Nanda Manley-Browne Cabinet Member for Equalities, Governance and Change said: The cost of living crisis continues to put a huge squeeze on budgets for residents in Lambeth. Prices for essentials are still much higher than they were in 2021 whilst household incomes for our most hard pressed are largely the same.  

This funding package will provide immediate relief for vulnerable residents as well as help tackle poverty in the long term and build financial resilience.” 

This year’s support for the next 12-months will include:  

  • Free school meal vouchers  
  • Free period products in council buildings, including libraries and leisure centres 
  • Expert energy saving advice  
  • Extra support via council’s Emergency Support Scheme 
  • Sessions with residents to meet their specific needs 
  • Support for voluntary and community organisations 

The latest allocation for 2024 follows support worth £14million distributed over the last two years in response to the cost of living crisis. Last year Lambeth’s cost of living response plan provided help to more than 28,000 households. 

Though the rate inflation has slowed prices have still risen significantly and Lambeth Council’s research has found that the most vulnerable are still at risk. Many household budgets are so stretched people can only afford to heat and eat, leaving them vulnerable and at risk of building up debt. 

The new money will be directed to households in the borough that where already facing disadvantage, such as low pay and debt. 

Councillor Fred Cowell also, Cabinet Member for Equalities, Governance and Change said: “As part of our 2030 Borough Plan, we want to make sure Lambeth becomes a borough of Equity and Justice, and our cost of living programme is key to this ambition.” 

To fund this year’s programme we are using our last allocation of the Department for Work and Pensions’ Household Support Fund of £2.7m, with £1.3m of Lambeth funds.