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21 June 2016

Written by: Lambeth Environment

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People’s lives are always changing in Lambeth. And when these events occur, they often pass through the Lambeth Register Service as part of their journey. The service provides numerous facilities, including but not limited to: marriages, civil partnerships, citizenship ceremonies and birth registrations. The likelihood is that if you live in Lambeth, you have used the service!

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Lambeth Register Service

All of the above happen every week of the year for the team at the Redfearn Centre, and recent changes are making it even easier for all Lambeth Residents to enjoy celebrating their special occasion with us. Updates to the website and the booking system are just a couple of ways we are smoothing the process to enable residents to focus on the happy event in their life rather than worrying about the necessary paperwork that accompanies.

Did you know year Lambeth Register Service deals with:

  • 13,000 births
  • 1,200 new citizens
  • 100+ marriages

In addition to the above, our registrars also go to other venues in Lambeth, such as the London Eye and Oval Cricket Ground to complete ceremonies. We are always looking for new venues to offer to Lambeth residents so if you think your business location would be suitable to host someone’s special day, then let us know! Please feel free to comment on this blog page.

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