Lambeth: Sessions for students to boost well-being

26 February 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Thirty Lambeth students joined a creative workshop in Brixton earlier this month as part of ongoing efforts to boost young people’s self-esteem, mental health and safety.

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Lambeth: Sessions for students to boost well-being

The Lambeth Youth Forum session was held in the dance studio at St Gabriel’s College. The forums are held quarterly for young people in Lambeth to share their experience of violence in the borough in way that lets them express themselves.

The initiative is part of the Lambeth Made Safer 10-year plan of coordinated work to prevent violence in the borough.

Cllr Dr Mahamed Hashi, Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said: “We want our young people to grow up in a supportive environment where they are confident in themselves, confident in their interactions and able to express themselves.

“We know that violence causes deep harm in our communities, especially for our children and young people. Running sessions like this a way of coping with that harm and giving them the life skills as they grow-up.

“This workshop is part of the wide series of activities talking place to support our young people and build resilience in our communities in the face of the threat of criminality and exploitation that too many of our local residents continue to experience.”

The session, which is part of an ongoing series in Lambeth, also featured the beginning of the creation of an animation that picked up on the themes discussed. The animation was led by professional local artist Jen Zheng who sketched in charcoal in preparation for making a phenakistoscope which is an illustrated disc that spins to give the illusion of movement and based on a popular Victorian-era toy.

 Once completed the art work will be displayed at Lambeth schools.