Lambeth’s Budget: Protecting our priorities

22 November 2018

Written by: Cllr Lib Peck, Leader of the Council

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Lambeth is putting together its plans for funding our most vital services in the coming years. But, with the money we get from central government still dwindling, we’ll also have to work out where to make more spending cuts.

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Lambeth’s Budget: Protecting our priorities

Over the last few years our core funding from the government has been cut by more than half; that adds up to over £230m slashed from our budget between 2010 and 2020.

But, even after having to make all those cuts over the last decade, we now need to find another £43m of savings over the next four years.

That means the vital services that you depend on are under even more pressure.

Most of our money is spent on helping the most vulnerable residents of Lambeth through Adult Social Care and Children Services.

We need to find and embrace new ways to pay for and deliver these services in future.

Lambeth is a wonderful borough, perfectly situated in the heart of London, with a great history of welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds into our community.

We are a borough full of opportunity and we must harness this to attract investment and growth.

And we must ensure that growth and opportunity are experienced by everyone in Lambeth. That is a main priority for this council.

Thousands of new homes are being built, bringing more people to the borough and increasing our council tax base.

Developers pay us contributions that help build social housing, better infrastructure and facilities like tube stations, health centres, schools and nurseries.

And we are fast becoming London’s lead borough in providing affordable and flexible workspace, especially for cultural and digital start-up companies, creating thousands of new jobs.

We are working hard to provide opportunity in Lambeth despite the harsh financial deal handed to us by government.

But we still need your help in managing our budget. We want to hear what your priorities are and how we can continue to invest and grow, to set a balanced budget that is fair for everyone.