Learning with Lambeth offers Angela a new start

29 March 2022

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Support from Better Start and Lambeth Adult Learning transformed the life of one young parent.

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Learning with Lambeth offers Angela a new start

Six years ago, Angela had no idea how to combine work with being a new parent. She tried different jobs and learned new skills but didn’t find anything quite right. She decided to get some help from Better Start, who referred her to a Covid Warden’s course offered by Lambeth Adult Learning provider, MI Skills Development Centre.

A training course leads to a new start…

Angela says, “The course was great. It was really interesting to learn to handle anti-social behaviour and conflict. At the end, I was prepared for everything.” The course led to temporary work with Lambeth Council’s Public Protection, Assurance & Regulatory Services Team, helping residents and business deal with the restrictions of Covid. Angela says, “We helped to change Lambeth from somewhere really badly affected to a place with falling levels of infection.”

 … A new job

In June 2021, Angela successfully applied for a permanent Lambeth Liaison Officer job, working with other council departments and the police to combat anti-social behaviour. She can’t believe the difference the past year made: “There’s been a 100% change in my life, and it’s been brilliant. I was looking for change but didn’t know where to start or where to go. Better Start and MI Skills Development Centre put me on a new path and I now have a great job which is family friendly. I’m so happy. The whole experience has been amazing and it’s really changed me.”

 … And a new future

“Before, I was struggling to afford childcare and there was never anything left for me. Now I have more confidence, a future and I’m so much happier.  I feel like I am gaining life-changing skills which make me a better and stronger person every day.”

Angela recommends Better Start and Lambeth Adult Learning to anyone who wants to change their life. “The learning and the job are like a trampoline so I can jump to other things.  I see myself growing and learning new things every day. I’ve already sent some friends to Lambeth Adult Learning. It changed my life, and I’m sure it will change theirs too.”

More information

Lambeth Adult Learning offers a range of training in vocational skills to help residents find permanent work. Find out more online or email adultlearning@lambeth.gov.uk