Living Wage Accredited Employer – IRMO

16 August 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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For Angell Town-based charity IRMO, being a Living Wage employer is a vital symbol of their commitment to fighting the in-work poverty London’s Latin American community often faces.

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Living Wage Accredited Employer – IRMO

IRMO (the Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation) was founded 40 years ago as ‘Chile Democrático’ to support refugees fleeing political violence. In 2000 the name changed to reflect London’s broader Latin American community and to recognise the importance of indigenous peoples and cultures to the story of Latin America. They are one of Lambeth’s growing number of accredited Living Wage Employers.

Living Wage Accreditation

Director Bruna Boscaini says: “IRMO has held Living Wage Employer accreditation since 2015. We had paid Living Wage before, but getting official recognition was important to show our commitment to this cause. We recognise that many Latin Americans form part of London’s underpaid, invisible workforce doing jobs we all depend on. Fighting the in-work poverty the community experiences is at the heart of our mission.

“In response to varied challenges that migrant and ethnic communities face, we have expanded and strengthened our services, projects, and partnerships. Today IRMO has 23 employees, 45 volunteers, and serves more than 4,000 people every year.

More than a business decision

“The process of becoming accredited was simple and straightforward for us. We encourage fellow Lambeth businesses to join the Living Wage movement. You’ll enhance your organisation’s reputation, positively impact the local economy, and contribute to improved staff retention and recruitment. Embracing the Living Wage is more than a business decision, it’s a commitment to a fairer society.”

More information

IRMO is a registered charity based in Brixton’s Angell Town, working to enable the development, agency, and participation of Latin Americans and other Spanish and Portuguese-speaking migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. See their web pages for details including:

  • Specialist advice on key areas like immigration, welfare entitlements, housing and homelessness prevention to support people to prevent crises and access rights and entitlements.
  • Support in education, training and employment to build skills and progress in the UK labour market, as well as increase civic, cultural, and social participation in the broader community.
  • Family, children and youth projects to access school, boost educational attainment and promote family welfare.
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives to promote health equity for people facing barriers to accessing healthcare.
  • Advocacy, research and campaigning for social and systemic change.

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