Living Wage in Lambeth – 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

26 July 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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198 Contemporary Arts and Learning is a place where people from different communities meet, create and educate. They have recently become accredited as another of Lambeth’s Living Wage Employers.

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Living Wage in Lambeth – 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

Starting in 1988 with unpaid volunteers in two empty shop units and a yard on Railton Road, 198 Contemporary Arts is now an Accredited Living Wage Employer with a three-story building with 8 staff regular freelance trainers and educators.

Art and culture

Director Lucy Davies says: “Our galleries showcase art created by and curated by people of colour and our audience are the people that the art speaks to, including other marginalised communities such as LGBTQ+ people. We provide education through Lambeth Adult Learning for some of the people furthest away from traditional education, including SEND students, and we run employability courses looking for jobs in creativity and the arts. It’s a place where everyone can mix.


“Living Wage accreditation is like a stamp that shows we value our workers, we believe in retaining talent, in professional development, that we want to build up a strong, loyal team.

“The difference it makes is that if you treat people well, they appreciate that you take your responsibilities as an employer seriously. They know we’re a charity, they know resources are scarce.

198 contemporary arts - history of the exhibitions

40 years’ of art at 198

“Getting accredited was a simple process – I’d been meaning to do it and found a window of time. I’d say to other Lambeth employers that if you can do it, you should. We have a responsibility to each other. I know it can look difficult to afford London Living Wage, but it can help build your workforce, saving money on areas like recruitment – which really is expensive – in the longer term.”

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