London Living Wage – The Manual

13 June 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Award-winning creative events company the Manual are one of Lambeth’s growing number of Accredited Living Wage Employers.

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London Living Wage – The Manual

The Manual is an award-winning creative events company. They provide multiple services to clients including Heineken, Channel 5, Channel 4, Abba Voyage, MTV and UNICEF, to name just a few. They are one of Lambeth’s still-growing number of Accredited Living Wage Employers helping people beat the Cost of Living crisis by paying a fair wage.

Supporting staff

“We pride ourselves on being a fair company and offer our employees as many benefits as possible” says co-founder Richard King,  “Not only financially but culturally through wellness incentives too. We know London can be a expensive and often challenging place to work and live.

“We want to show our support to employees and suppliers by providing a fair wage – higher than the Living Wage minimum for London. Being an accredited Living Wage Employer shows current and future employees we’re committed to supporting them financially. We are a people first agency. We work to LIVE, as opposed to Living to Work.

Vision and creation

Chain smokers live in Ibiza at event staged by the Manual

Chainsmokers live in Ibiza at event staged by the Manual

“The Manual was born in 2016. We’ve always been in Brixton, we started out at Pop Brixton and moved to our current location in Coldharbour Lane as we grew.

“Our event services include strategy, design, production, project management, content creation, talent booking, partnerships and much more to help clients achieve their event objectives. Our creative department allows us to provide clients with an understanding of what’s possible through detailed renders using our 3D visualiser specialists. We bring events to life, before they’ve even gone live!

Best in the business

“We started as two, myself and co-founder Eric Allen and have grown to 18 employees plus a wonderful selection of freelancers. During our summer busy period we operate with approximately 40 of the best people in the business.

“Betting accredited as a Living Wage Employer is an easy, simple process which provides instant satisfaction, knowing you’re doing the right thing by your employees and suppliers.”

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