Love Your Neighbour

10 September 2015

Written by: Councillor Jane Edbrooke

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Councillor Jane Edbrooke, Lead Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, tells us why being a good neighbour is great for you, where you live and the wider community.

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Love Your Neighbour

Every day thousands of acts of neighbourliness take place on our Lambeth streets, on our estates/blocks and in our buildings. Living in an area with good neighbours makes us feel safer, provides a local support system and increase our wellbeing.

From saying hello when you bump into each other on the street, to being respectful of the noise levels in your home so they don’t disturb your neighbours, it’s the little things that count. Being neighbourly makes a positive contribution to how we feel about where we live and for this reason the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign aims to celebrate neighbourliness that takes place in all parts of the borough and to encourage more neighbourly acts to happen.

Get involved in Love Your Neighbour’

‘Love Your Neighbour is a part of our Do Your Right Thing campaign. It’s something that everyone can be part of by simply by being a good neighbour.

You can get involved in the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign in different ways.

  • Firstly and most importantly of all continue to be a friendly neighbour and tell others about good things that neighbours do for each other.
  • Why not organise an activity with your neighbours. This could be a street party or a community fresh view. You could get involved in the Estates Pride programme (open pdf), or you could even join together and apply for your road to become a play street.
  • You could volunteer to take on one the following roles as a street/neighbourhood representative:

Whether it’s one of our suggestions or you find other ways, we hope that you will support the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign in any way you choose. And remember to let us know about it!

For more information on our Do The Right Thing campaign, including Love Your Neighbour, visit