Lambeth and the London Low Emission Construction Partnership

11 September 2019

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is a member of the London Low Emission Construction Partnership. Find out more about what that means.

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Lambeth and the London Low Emission Construction Partnership

Emissions from the construction industry contribute to air pollution in London, the impact on the health of workers, our residents and the environment. Construction emissions are increasingly considered in air quality planning policy in London and in national strategies.

The Low Emission Construction Partnership, funded by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund (Round 2), is a partnership between 12 London boroughs, King’s College London, and industry partners across the demolition and construction sectors.

The aim of the partnership is to:

  • Help the construction industry to understand its impact on local air quality
  • Encourage the uptake of ‘best in class’ pollution reduction (abatement) measures
  • Improve pollution monitoring and make this data available for construction sites in London
  • Help to fund ‘best in class’ abatement measures at construction sites
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of pollution abatement techniques.

The partnership has recently published “Best in Class” guidance to highlight the impact that the construction industry has on local air quality through dedicated outreach activities as well as encourage the uptake and test ‘best in class’ pollution reduction approaches.

The “Best in Class” guidance can be downloaded here: