Mosaic fit the pieces together for the big picture

15 November 2018

Written by: Lambeth Council

Focus on Brixton - Health and Wellbeing - Voluntary and community sector

Award-winning Mosaic Clubhouse in Brixton is the Mayor of Lambeth’s selected charity for his year in office. Their Annual General Meeting on November 15 is a chance to hear members’ stories and celebrate the huge achievements of people that they support.

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Mosaic fit the pieces together for the big picture

Mosaic Clubhouse is a workplace that is deliberately understaffed. Care workers and members work together in the kitchen, education and business units. “Recovery is based on people knowing they’re wanted and needed, that the work wouldn’t get done without them,” says CEO Maresa Ness. People regain confidence and skills by volunteering here.

Open doors

“We open our doors wide to encourage the wider community to see that mental health is not scary. The Royal Family has recently made discussion about mental health more acceptable. Mayor Wellbelove tells his personal story and he’s a really positive role model.”

Word from the Mayor

Cllr Wellbelove said: “Our mental health services are struggling to deal with what can only be described as a crisis in our society, so I am so thankful for Mosaic Clubhouse for the work they do and hope you will support my Mayor Charity Fund this year to help them continue and grow their work. I will use every opportunity possible to talk about the need to end the silence.”


Lee from Mosaic’s Information Hub continues the Clubhouse story: “Lambeth Council asked us to help avoid people continuously telling their story to different agencies but still not getting help. We signpost to the right services, circulate resources about is available and try to fast-track people to services like ‘Every Pound Counts’ and Stop Smoking.”

Reaching out

The clubhouse’s next projects are both about reaching more people: “With more staff we could open our crisis service 7 evenings a week not 5, with increased capacity for 15 people not 10”, says Maresa. “We’re also going to Lambeth Hospital to befriend in-patients, informing them they can come when they leave hospital – they don’t have to be isolated.”


“Longer term, if I had a magic wand I’d ensure schools are talking about mental health, how many people are affected, where young people can get support and strategies to help and how drugs and alcohol; aren’t the answer. We work with 16-year olds which is rare for an adult charity but that’s when people can get lost in the system, between CAMHS and adult services.”

Keen to work

“We want local employers knowing us. People are talking now about the value of a diverse workforce. We’ve got individuals who are so keen to work. We see transformations every day from people who’ve forgotten or never had chances to know what they’re good at, into people with an amazing range of talents. We are talent scouts.”

For more information

  • Mosaic Clubhouse supports people living with a mental health condition in the London Borough of Lambeth. Mosaic’s approach is built on the internationally-recognised Clubhouse model , with co-production between staff and members throughout all activities. See their information pages
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