Mosaic – support when someone’s finding it hard to cope

20 February 2020

Written by: Mosaic Clubhouse

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The Evening Sanctuary at Brixton’s Mosaic Clubhouse provides support to Lambeth residents experiencing mental health crisis – including some with suicidal thoughts.


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Mosaic – support when someone’s finding it hard to cope

Mosaic Clubhouse’s Evening Sanctuary offers a calm, quiet space, people to listen, a hot meal, and gentle activities such as art, yoga, knitting, and board games. Some believe it can be a helpful resource for someone feeling suicidal.

 “Everything else changes”

One Sanctuary user says: “I was on the floor when I first came … [the Sanctuary] picked me up and put me back together. The Doctor referred me because I was feeling suicidal and had taken an overdose. The option was good for me as I was working and busy during the day, so it was somewhere accessible. I had no expectations before I came, I didn’t know what it was. I thought at first it wasn’t going to help and I didn’t need it. I kept on coming and each time I felt a little better. I kept coming and realised I needed something constant. Everything else changes but this didn’t. I knew I could come in on days when I was not feeling well.

Having people around

“A number of things helped. Talking to staff – just having someone I could talk to without an emotional connection like a family member or friend – so I could rationalise things a bit more. I think having people around, even though I didn’t always speak to them, made me feel relaxed. The Sanctuary made me feel more peaceful, it picked me up and put me back together.”

Can Mosaic help?

Talk to your GP or another healthcare professional. If you’re a professional supporting somebody who’s unable to cope, please complete the referral form in as much detail as possible and email Please call 0207 924 9657 for more information or to discuss a referral. A staff member will contact you during Sanctuary opening times.

More information

The Evening Sanctuary, at Mosaic Clubhouse in Brixton, is a non-clinical service providing short-term support to Lambeth residents who are currently experiencing a mental health crisis. It is open 7 nights a week from 6pm – 2am. A referral from a healthcare professional is needed.

Zero suicide alliance training

We’d like everyone in Lambeth to know about free, online training to help you recognise signs that someone might feel like ending their life and how absolutely anyone can help. We hope 6,000 people in Lambeth will this 20-minute course before September. The training helps you to speak out in a supportive manner and signpost someone to support services. Save a life, take the training.