New Portuguese Fall of Fascism exhibition opens

19 April 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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The new Fall of Fascism exhibition called ‘Viva o 25 de Abril de 1974’ has opened in Lambeth to explore an important chapter in the history and heritage of the Portuguese-speaking world.

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New Portuguese Fall of Fascism exhibition opens

The exhibition is at Lambeth Council’s Tate South Lambeth Library on South Lambeth Road, located in the heart of what is known locally as ‘Little Portugal’ because of its significant Portuguese-speaking community. Lambeth has the biggest Portuguese-speaking community in the UK. 

The new exhibition is part of a series of events at the library celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the fall of the Fascist regime in Portugal in April 1974.  The collaborative exhibition saw community members from Migrantes Unidos, helped by Bill Mayblin, a retired graphic designer who volunteered his services, to conduct extensive research to create and design the content. 

Migrantes Unidos is a group of migrants, ex-migrants and descendants of Portuguese migrants in the UK. They believe that together and actively, we can impact the world we live in and British and Portuguese society. They share a deep sense of justice, citizenship and solidarity with those fighting against injustice, austerity and social inequality. 

Alvaro de Miranda, who curated the exhibition, said: “I am delighted that Lambeth Council and Lambeth Library Services have agreed to sponsor and provide the space for this exhibition in Tate South London Library, in the heart of “Little Portugal”. It is essential that the Portuguese-speaking communities, particularly the younger generations that did not experience fascism in Portugal and Portuguese colonialism in Africa, learn from their history to help ensure that such a tragedy isn’t repeated.”

For more information on, visit Tate South Lambeth Library