New on-street waste and recycling bins unveiled

19 June 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

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We’re making it even easier to recycle while out and about in Lambeth.

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New on-street waste and recycling bins unveiled

Recycle Week this year has the theme of recycle at home and away.

More Lambeth residents than ever are recycling at home, and now recycling items while out and about is becoming even easier.

Over 200 new on-street waste and recycling bins will be installed on Lambeth high streets over the next few weeks, to give everyone the chance to recycle their rubbish – and keep our streets clean.

Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability said: “These new bins will encourage more people to recycle without even having to think about it – boosting the recycling rate in the borough as well as keeping our streets rubbish-free.

Recycling helps conserve resources, save energy and protects the environment and it’s important we all play our part.”

Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, Cllr Saleha Jaffer and Cllr John Kazantzis unveiling new street bins with recycling collection

New bins unveiled by Cllr Jenny Brathwaite (Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability), Cllr Saleha Jaffer (St Leonard’s) and Cllr John Kazantzis (Streatham South).