Can paying with your phone impact air quality?

28 March 2017

Written by: Sam Carley, Tsering Dolma, Timothy Jones, and Connor Weeks, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

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We are a group of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), an American university, working with the Lambeth Council to develop a plan to tackle air pollution in the Borough with a smart city approach.

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Can paying with your phone impact air quality?

Hello Lambeth!

Everyone knows air pollution is a problem in London, and the number and types of cars on the roads have a direct link with air quality.  As part of our University’s study abroad programme, we’ve come all the way from Worcester, Massachusetts (near Boston) to help Lambeth Council over the next six weeks by looking at the future of transport and travel in the borough.

Our work        

We are really excited to be working in Lambeth and we hope that our research experience will be useful to the Council and Lambeth residents. We are really interested in how technology is going to affect the way people travel around Lambeth. For example, thinking about what changes car manufacturers are planning to introduce and whether people will still own cars in the future.

We think changes in the types of vehicles and services offered by car manufacturers and others might lead to positive changes in air quality.

How You Can Help

We know it’s important to understand what local residents think. So, we’ve made a survey with a few quick questions and it would be very helpful to us if you could take about 2-3 minutes to fill it.

Take part in our survey.

The survey is short and simple, and we would love to hear from you, especially if you fall into one of the following groups:

  • Own a car now or may own one in the future
  • Park your car anywhere in Lambeth, especially in areas where you have to “pay and display”
  • Are a user of car clubs, such as ZipCar, or you have a view on them

We will also be conducting some interviews, so if you could spare us more time please drop us an email at and we can arrange a convenient time to talk to you.