The Platform project FREE event on Thursday 7 May

1 May 2015

Written by: The Platform project

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The Platform is made up of three new, exciting spaces in Loughborough Junction for people to try ideas and launch businesses. The spaces are free to use for local small businesses or start ups.  Find out more at their free event.

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The Platform project FREE event on Thursday 7 May

On Thursday 7 May from 4:30 till 7:30pm The Platform project are hosting a free event to celebrate the achievements of all the participants so far to have used this space, to let more people know about the project, and to announce the opening of two additional spaces: railway arches 504 and 505 on Ridgway Rd. These spaces will be used as an event space for workshops, screenings, meeting space for local groups and a shared working space.

The Platform project makes use of empty space to provide people with a chance to trial run busineses and community projects. The main space is a former public loo on the corner of Wyck Gardens, contributed by LB Lambeth, and since June last year there have been 12 different businesses trailed, including a bike shop, a grain wholesaler, a party decorator and various arts projects.

We’d like as many people as possible to know about it so that they can access the project, which is free to use and we’d also like to shout about the achievements of the people who have participated so far, developed their business and found new customers.

Please view The Platform project website to find out more.