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6 October 2015

Written by: Campaigns and Communications team

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Lambeth talk is our monthly magazine that brings you news about things happening in the borough, features about local activities, a guide to local events and interesting articles about a range of topical issues.

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Read October’s Lambeth talk

This month we have news about projects that are bringing people together locally and making it easier and safer to connect with others in and around the borough. 

On page 6, we update you on the new Cycle Superhighway and the two-way segregated cycle track connecting Oval and Pimlico that opens this month.

If you live in the Streatham area there is an opportunity to have your say on what you would like to see improved on your streets. See page 7.

Find out how StreetWorks, a community led project, are making changes to a section of Norwood Road that will improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. See page 8.

On pages 10 and 11 we hear from Rachel Moyse, a Streatham resident who is part of a local committee that organises street activities with her neighbours. Rachel explains what’s involved and how it makes a difference.

October is Black History Month and there are lots of events taking place across the borough in celebration. See pages 12 and 13.

In our regular what’s on guide, pages 14 to 16, we have festivals, exhibitions, sports, volunteering and more.

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