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1 October 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

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Lambeth talk is our monthly magazine that brings you news about things happening in the borough, features about local services, a guide to local events and interesting articles about a range of topical issues.

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Read October’s Lambeth talk

We all know what a fantastic place Lambeth is to live, work and visit and in this edition of we meet just a few of the people who help make it such a great borough.

Here is just a flavor of what you’ll find in this month’s edition…

We announce the winners of our Community champion’s awards and our Best of business awards on pages 4 and 5.

On page 6 we meet Sophie, a mother of two from Brixton. Recently a short film was made about her work in community, which saw a one-off street party turn into annual tradition.

October is Black History Month and we take a look back in time at some of Lambeth’s little known history. Take a look at page 7 and find out about the Black community living in Lambeth in the 17th century.

On page 9 we meet another Lambeth youngster with a positive and inspiring story to tell.

On page 10 we appeal to hidden carers to identify themselves so that they can access support and information that will help them in their caring role. Could you be a hidden carer?

Earlier this year, we launched a campaign, ‘Do the Right Thing’ which demonstrates how people are going out of their way to improve their community. On pages 11 to 14 we take a look at some great examples of organisation’s and groups that are doing the right thing locally. 

If you haven’t yet visited the Vauxhall Street Food Garden, find out what you’ve been missing on page 15.

See page 20 and 21 for ‘What’s on’ in Lambeth in October and for details of Lambeth’s annual fireworks display taking place on Wednesday 5 November. Make sure you get your ticket for this fabulous, fun-filled, jaw-dropping display.

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