Recycle a Cycle project, bringing abandoned bikes back to life

3 April 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

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This great project, run by the Lambeth Sustainable Travel Team, frees up space for people to park their bikes in overcrowded cycle parking areas by identifying abandoned bikes and donating them to worthy projects.

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Recycle a Cycle project, bringing abandoned bikes back to life

One such project is Lambeth council’s estates project Bike Hubs. Working with People Empowering People (shown above), we will be visiting six estates around the borough over the summer fixing up residents’ bikes. They will also be giving cycle confidence advice and leading rides to bike related leisure destinations, such as the Herne Hill Velodrome or the Brockwell BMX track.

The abandoned bikes are essential for training others how to build and repair bikes.The restored bikes are sold on cheaply to someone who wants to cycle but can’t afford a new bike. This money is then used to help fund the project.

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Or find a local Dr Bike event where you can get free cycle maintenance checks and advice.